Critical MetalsĀ 

Critical MetalsĀ 

Copper: Cuprum (Cu)

Copper (Cu), is renowned for its exceptional conductivity, a property that has solidified its pivotal role in electrical applications. Serving as a fundamental component in electric vehicle (EV) manufacturing, copper significantly influences the efficiency of EVs by facilitating smooth electricity transmission within the vehicle. In the form of copper cathodes, it becomes a vital link in developing cleaner and more sustainable transportation solutions, connecting us to a future where mobility and sustainability coalesce seamlessly.

Cobalt: Cobaltum (Co)

Cobalt (Co), recognized especially in its derivative, cobalt hydroxide, has established itself as a cornerstone in advancing battery technology. Its intrinsic properties promote the stability and durability of lithium-ion batteries, rendering it indispensable in the production of most modern technology including electric vehicles (EV) .

Nickel: Niccolum (Ni)

Nickel (Ni), distinguishes itself through its robustness and resistance to corrosion, playing an integral role in the manufacturing of batteries that power electric vehicles. Vital in enhancing the energy density of batteries, nickel propels the capacity and range of EVs, driving forward the expansion of clean and innovative transportation solutions.